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Permanent evaluation of educational quality

Continuously assessing the quality of the learning that our students are achieving means, in concrete practice, generating accompanying actions in the teaching-learning process that generate information with which decisions can be taken immediately with the purpose of correcting, modifying , expand and deepen the aspects that are necessary.


Accompanying to favor and facilitate students' learning involves continuously and systematically knowing the state of the situation in which they find themselves, the level of progress, the difficulties, the components that are affecting the learning favorably to reinforce them, the components that make learning difficult and complex  to eliminate them.

But doing it in time, having this organized information with immediacy, being able to visualize it in a simple and orderly way so that it facilitates your understanding, will allow timely completion of the remedial actions, adjustments and corrections necessary to prevent students from moving away from the expected achievements, preventing corrections from arriving late.

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