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Preparation of quiz

Design a quiz of two or three questions, that can be answered in less than 10 minutes and that allows you to evaluate the comprehension of a thematic unit in a subject of the school curriculum.

Tablets and smartphones in the classroom

Markqual Class is a tool designed for the evaluation of the learning process, the control of curriculum development, the self-evaluation and the generation of early alerts.

A small test of two or three questions at the end of a thematic unit allows us to assess the level of understanding of our students, streamline the curriculum and apply remedial measures to achieve a more personalized teaching.

With MarkQual Class we can develop a battery of quick response questions that, linked to the educational schedule, will allow us to have an immediate vision of the progress situation in the classroom.

Students can perform self-assessments, answer anonymously or nominally, discuss the answers in class, all with a friendly and simple interface from a smartphone or a tablet, generating an environment conducive to sharing and debate.

Teachers will be able to segment their courses at high, medium and low levels of learning by implementing differential reinforcements and new evaluation processes.

The Educational Institution may verify compliance with the content program by establishing a chronological match and evaluating the understanding and thematic assimilation.

An early warning system allows to improve decision making in the educational community.