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MarkQual Web Suite

                   MarkQual ® correction and calcification system for all type of exams, now with a new interface that brings more benefits, different data collection supports, unique mixed system that can be applied with tablets, smartphones, notebooks, desktop computers and also on smart forms of Scantron Corp. . Our suite, composed of three applications, can work offline and online, this suite is the sum of MarkQual 10 and MarkQual Class.


The tool that connects the devices in the classroom and allows us to save them on the web.

  • Connection module with the web.

  • Dedicated WiFi system.

  • It allows downloading exams to the teacher’s PC or printing them.

  • Connect the logged devices to the teacher's device.

  • Visualize the status of students instantly, correct and qualify in real time.

  • Save exam images with written questions.

  • Save information on the server in real time

  • When connected to the internet, automatically sends data to the cloud.

  • Connects the Scantron Scanner to the system, making it possible to use forms.

A system developed for teaches to design tests and administer their own database of questions.

  • Exams Design.

  • Creation and storage of questions.

  • Creation and storage of exams.

  • Correction of written questions or image clip (anonymous)

  • Notice of date and agenda of the programmable exam.

  • Personal administration of the question base.

  • Reservoir of questions

  • Generation of tips by question and test.

  • Search system using definable labels by the teacher (tags)

A powerful software for administration, management and control, correction and qualification of exams and database.

  • Students, teachers, parents

  • Differentiated evaluation.

  • Parameters and Correction profiles.

  • Reports and reports.

  • Permissions and user keys.

  • Schedule of exams

  • Generate progress maps.

  • Exam schedule tools.

A management system that includes the management of MarkQual 10 and Markqual Class

  • Encrypted connections, in virtual servers

  • Remote support on user computer.

  • Dedicated Wi-Fi network

  • Students take their exams without an internet connection, avoiding distractions and eliminating the possibilities of online "consultations" during the exam.

  • Unlock option by the teacher.

  • Once the information is uploaded, no changes are allowed to the students answers.